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R & R Caterers provides healthy options to its clients, such as vegetarian and gluten free. Photos courtesy of R & R Caterers

Eating healthy is not just a trend, it’s essential to your physical and mental well-being. Eating nutritious foods that provide the body with the essential vitamins, minerals and other compounds required to function at optimal capacity and stave off sickness and disease is the way to a healthier and happier you.

One local catering business in Bucks County knows the importance of what food people put into their bodies, and that puts a priority on adjusting to its clients’ demands. At R & R Caterers, 3040 Glenn Ave. in Bensalem, the motto is, “Delicious food, impeccable services.”

R & R Owner Richard W. Toth has a passion for great food and quality service. His interest in the food business began at the age of 16 and he decided to pursue his passion by studying at the Culinary Institute of America. He graduated in 1978 and two years later opened the doors to his own business.

Toth points out that owning your own catering business goes beyond offering delicious food.

“You have to be a very personable person,” he explains. “This is the hospitality business, and we deal with a wide variety of personalities. We have to adjust to what we advise the client on. If you don’t like dealing with the public, stay away from the catering business.”

R & R provides catering for just about all large gatherings – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby and bridal showers, holiday parties and picnics, just to name several. The menu offerings range from the traditional to a variety of healthy options including gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.

“Our commitment to the client is that we will not run out of the entree selections, as other caterers may provide not enough of all the selections to cut costs,” explains Toth, who adds the most popular healthy food option he has catered is vegetarian. “Healthy diets are a need for some people who need to watch their weight or need to watch what foods they eat due to some medical issues. I personally don’t use any added salt in anything we make.”

To serve his clients best, Toth asks a lot of questions and advises them on their best options.

“A catered affair is not about the lowest cost,” he says. “The client needs to feel comfortable with the caterer for their event. Customer service is what we strive for.”

Among the healthier options are shrimp stir-fry and various pasta dishes that feature mushrooms, roasted red peppers, shrimp and plum tomatoes. Vegetarian options include vegetable lasagna, baked penne pasta, and gluten-free boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

Toth says one of the best feelings is getting great feedback from a customer about his business and staff. Some have even dropped by to personally to thank him for a job well done.

“Not all jobs are 100 percent perfect all the time,” he says. “Being the owner, I have to take the good with the bad. Most of the time for R & R Caterers, it is all good.”