Mind And Body
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Matt Rodkey has nothing but glowing praise for Smokeless Saturday, a program created by Breathe Pennsylvania more than 20 years ago with the objective to educate youths about the dangers of using tobacco and nicotine products.

Nutrition And Fitness

The holiday season is sometimes referred to as the most wonderful time of the year, but don’t tell that to your waistline.

Mind And Body

Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Carmen Zeisler struggled with anxiety brought on by being isolated during the shutdown. Zeisler knew she needed to speak to a therapist, but she was concerned about infection rates. So, she opted for telemedicine services via the Amwell App, which is availa…

Just For You

Childhood cancers are rare compared to cancers that affect people later in life, but their consequences are no less devastating for the children and families who are affected.


Some people have pets. Danielle Cotton has flowers. She even aspires to create and name a day lily of her own.