Dana Taylor is all about communication.

As Wellness Champion for Westinghouse’s Newington, N.H., facility, Taylor says she’s focused on making sure every one of the 318 employees at her site is aware of the company’s many health initiatives—and encouraging them to get active in them.

“My most important role is making sure the employees have access to the wellness activities, and also answering their questions,” Taylor says.

But she takes it one step further. To complement the corporate Lunch and Learn initiative in which health experts offer their advice and recommendations during lunch breaks, Taylor thought it would be a good idea to gear her speakers toward stress management.

“The speakers were fantastic. They included registered nurses, nutritionists, Reiki practitioners and physical therapists,” Taylor says. “Sessions were held on a monthly basis, so that employees would have ample opportunity to attend the four required sessions.”

All the sessions and topics were well received by the employees, and Taylor is currently soliciting ideas for this year’s theme.

Taylor is already planning for next September’s Wellness Fair and Family Day, an event hosted every other year at her site. A fun way to engage employees in the wellness initiatives, the fair is a chance for employees, as well as their spouses, she says.

“We are planning on having vendors including medical providers, nutritionists, massage therapists and Reiki practitioners,” Taylor says.

Taylor has several ideas for the future. Currently, she is recruiting volunteers from the site’s three shifts to act as shift advocates. They’ll be responsible for communicating with employees on their shift about wellness programming, and soliciting ideas for improving safety and wellness education.

“Getting the news to both hourly and salaried employees can be a challenge,” she says. “No one knows second shift like someone who works the second shift.”

She is also going to post on-site weekly wellness tips on healthy eating, exercise, stress relief and seasonal activities that she’ll collect from an occupational health provider, from Portsmouth Regional Hospital, and from the NEWStart newsletter on george and include them in monthly newsletters “just so wellness stays in the forefront of everyone’s minds,” she says.

This is an ongoing series featuring Westinghouse’s Wellness Champions, employees who encourage health and wellness by helping to promote national and local wellness programming for their sites.