Welcome to the fall edition of the Wellness401k magazine. While the debate over health care rages on in Washington, our goal at Beyond Insurance is to provide solutions to not only control the cost of health care but also provide tools you can use to stay healthy, safe and productive well into your retirement years. 

BIGN Randy Boss

Randy Boss, Certified Risk Architect, Ottawa Kent

Just like the investment you make into your retirement or financial 401K plan, you make investments of time and attention to your Wellness401K so when you retire you will have the health to enjoy your financial 401K for years in the future. 

Unfortunately most of the health care debate has been focused on requiring individuals to buy insurance and employers to provide it for their employees. We believe more needs to be done to contain heath care costs by increasing competition for medical care and prescriptions, as well as lowering utilization. 

We can’t wait for the government, the insurance companies or the RX companies to solve this. Let’s work together so we can enjoy excellent health and excellent health care at a reasonable cost.

Happy reading!